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Daily Headlines 
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AI Won’t Solve Our Accessibility Problems
Artificial Intelligence shows promise for digital inclusion but has limitations. Instead, governments can focus on Intelligence Augmented (IA), a system where authors instead produce better content.
From Medium, May 04, 2018

Melbourne Seeks to Improve Accessibility
At Melbourne Knowledge Week teams are pitching technology driven solutions in order to make Melbourne more accessible for persons with disabilities.
From Smart Cities World, May 04, 2018

UK Regulations on Public Sector Web and App Accessibility Outlined
Websites and mobile apps operated by public bodies in the UK will be subject to new accessibility requirements under new laws under consultation.
From Out Law, May 03, 2018

How Video Game Companies Are Improving The Experience For the Blind
Video games are dominated by action-packed visuals, yet, there are persons with visual disabilities all over the world playing them. Now, gaming companies are working to make games more accessible.
From NPR, May 02, 2018

Qatar’s Strides in ICT Empowering People with Disabilities
Qatar is among the few countries that have a comprehensive e-Accessibility Policy which covers issues, including websites, telecom, ATMs, government services, and access to assistive technologies.
From Gulf Times, April 28, 2018

Ireland: New Technology Enables Disabled People to Integrate Into the Workplace
Assistive applications have opened up mainstream opportunities in Ireland where many big companies have made an effort to use assistive technologies to help young graduates with disabilities.
From Irish Times, April 27, 2018

Improving Accessibility Often Falls to Faculty. Here’s What They Can Do
Many institutions lack enforceable policies or don’t have the resources to hire officials to support instructors hoping to make their courses more accessible.
From EdSurge, April 27, 2018

India Set For AI-Led Economic Transformation: Report
India is well poised for an AI-led economic transformation, a recent PwC India & Assocham report said. AI-enabled assistive technology for persons with disabilities however remains untapped in India.
From Economic Times, April 27, 2018

5 Ways Pinterest is Making its App Better for People Who Are Blind
Pinterest has updated its app towards better accessibility including improved color contrast sensitivity, Screen reader support, Bolder type and text size that can be customized and others.
From Mashable, April 26, 2018

Prioritizing Accessibility Everyday
While some theaters have experimented with assistive technology, an easier solution would be to make closed captions standardized in theaters, events and for television, making it an everyday affair.
From Maine Campus, April 23, 2018

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