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Daily Headlines 
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Government of Canada Announces New Accessibility Procurement Initiative
The Government of Canada announced a new agile accessibility procurement initiative, in a bid to improve online accessibility for Canadians, including those with disabilities, searching and applying for jobs in the public service, and individuals seeking documents released on the Open by Default Pilot Portal. This challenged-based procurement approach allows for effective engagement with creative developers and technologists, and for streamlined procurement processes, which reduce the time to evaluate and award a contract.
From Cision, January 06, 2018

Using Image Descriptions Can Help Make Twitter Accessible to the Blind
First introduced in 2016, the image description tool on Twitter, also known as alternative text allows users to add a description of the picture they have added, making them accessible to persons with visual disabilities. The tool attracted a fresh wave of attention after a blind user praised it earlier this week.
From Independent, January 05, 2018

How to Change the Appearance of Subtitles & Captions for Netflix on Your iPhone
Netflix allows users to change the appearance of subtitles and captions for their accounts in order to customize the font, size, color, and the background. Read further to learn how to make subtitles easier to access and read.
From Gadget Hacks, January 05, 2018

Broadway is Becoming More Accessible Through its Partnership with Podcasting Leader Audible
A recent partnership between podcast leader Audible and Broadway theaters are helping make Broadway plays more accessible through the medium of audio plays. The universality of Audible will allow the audience—whether or not they are living with disabilities—to experience the full breadth of a theater-going experience.
From Pacific Standard, January 03, 2018

KLM introduces Films with Audio Description for Blind Passengers
KLM airlines will be introducing films with audio description via the Inflight Entertainment on intercontinental flights. This will enable accessibility of entertainment for its passengers with disabilities.
From KLM, January 02, 2018

Ensuring the Accessibility of All Learning Content
Key parts of the learning industry are implementing and building upon standards while implementing new ones as well. These changes are enabling the ability for institutions, instructors and learners to adopt and access accessible content. As devices become interconnected, providing access to their critical content without boundaries or restrictions is the imperative which can be achieved only by implementing accessibility standards.
From Research Information, January 02, 2018

Digitally Inaccessible: A Closer Look at Smartphone Accessibility in Canada
Smartphones and access to affordable data plans are a necessity in today’s world -- even more for persons with disabilities. The article takes the readers through accessibility options available in smartphones today, including accessibility concerns associated with Canadian telecom provider zero-rated services.
From Mobile Syrup, January 01, 2018

G3ict DARE Index Survey shows Oman’s Leadership in ICT Accessibility for People with Disabilities
The results of the G3ict DARE index study were announced during the 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology and Accessibility (ICTA) 2017. Oman was identified by G3ict as having in place the 5 key elements identified as critical success factors, scoring in the lead at 31/50.
From Oman Daily Observer, December 28, 2017

FCC Extends Waiver for Video Game Accessibility for the Last Time
FCC has extended the deadline for the video gaming industry to comply with provisions of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), 2010 pertaining to video games and advanced communications services. The rules apply to in-game functionality like in-game chat and the interface to use them. The new deadline is January 1 2019.
From Engadget, December 28, 2017

Improving Text Readability for Users with Disabilities with Skip-ink Underlines
Designing an accessible interface is not only working on contrasts and colours but also built to be used by all kinds of users, including users with dyslexia. Designers can help with accessibility of content and interface by avoiding any object to interact with the shape of a letter or a word.
From Medium, December 27, 2017

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