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Daily Headlines 
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South Korea: Seoul’s Taxi Drivers with Hearing Impairments Aided by App
Aided by new software developed for the "Silent Taxi" app that includes voice-to-text conversion, taxi drivers with hearing impairments for the first time experienced the benefits of technology to create inclusive and accessible transportation systems in Seoul.
From BBC, August 17, 2018

How to Improve Web Accessibility for Higher Education?
Five practical steps that colleges/universities can take to improve their online accessibility.
From Inside Higher Ed, August 16, 2018

UK: Government Announces Multimillion Pound Funding for Accessible Homes
The Department of Health and Social Care announced an extra £76 million a year of funding to make homes more accessible to persons with disabilities and enabling them to live independently.
From Thiis, August 15, 2018

Netherlands: National Rail Operator, Nederlandse Spoorwegen Upgrades Fleet to Make Them More Accessible for Passengers with Disabilities
Netherlands national rail is upgrading 131 trains to make them more accessible for passengers with disabilities. The update will have sliding ramps and braille to help navigate through the train
From Smart Rail World, August 14, 2018

Governor Signs Bills to Increase Internet Service for Illinois Seniors
With the aim to enhance technological access for all, Illinois Governor has signed Bills that focus on eliminating barriers to high-speed internet access and providing fair and equitable access for seniors across the State to better utilize web-based technologies.
From Tristate, August 13, 2018

Accessibility in STEM College Programs
A professional with a major in bioinformatics shares her career experience in STEM that often presents accessibility challenges for students with disabilities.
From WXXI News, August 13, 2018

Poland: Prime Minister Signs Resolution to Begin Implementation of Accessibility+ Program
Poland’s government has approved the Accessibility+ program that will focus on adapting public spaces, architecture, transport and products to the needs of 5 million citizens with disabilities.
From WBJ, August 07, 2018

American Bar Association Passes Key Resolution for Technological Access to Persons with Disabilities
The American Bar Association voted to urge courts and government entities to interpret Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act as applying to goods and services delivered via technology, including all technology, relating to the provision of legal services.
From ABA Journal, August 07, 2018

Australia: How Today’s Tech is Impacting Persons with Disabilities
Nearly 40% of all complaints made to the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2016-17 were lodged under the Disability Discrimination Act, many of them being new technology.
From Computer World, August 03, 2018

Philippines: House of Representatives Approves Filipino Sign Language Act
The Philippines House of Representatives approved House Bill 7503 seeking to declare Filipino Sign Language (FSL) as the national sign language and for use in government transactions with the deaf.
From ABS CBN News, August 02, 2018

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