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Daily Headlines 
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World Bank: Open Data and the 'Average' Citizen
One of the (undeserved!) knocks against open data is the presumption that its core audience is technical and that the only people who can truly take advantage of open data are developers who can tap into APIs to build applications that then make sense of open data for lay audiences (unless the audience happens to be researchers in which case they probably have the necessary tools and the forbearance to troll through vast amounts of raw material). Viewed through this prism, open data is only effective via infomediaries.
From blogs.worldbank.org, August 11, 2011

Summit Cooperation Allows for Broadened Perspectives and Participation
Aimed at mobile applications and services for senior and disabled citizens, the M-Enabling Summit intends to introduce participants in the mHealth Summit to what it describes as the newest technologies in the field of “accessible and assistive mobile solutions,” criteria which it believes all mobile technology should meet. However, the benefits of this cooperation are not one-directional. The M-Enabling Summit will benefit from the large international population of mobile health leaders that the mHealth Summit attracts.
From http://mhealthwatch.com/summit-cooperation-allows-for-broadened-perspectives-and-participation-16906/, August 11, 2011

USA: Campus-wide Review to Search Out Problems of Accessibility in Compliance with ADA Guidelines
Elon University has begun the process of a comprehensive review of accessibility on campus for students with disabilities, in accordance with the 2008 Americans with Disabilities Act. The review, which began this summer, will continue through the upcoming year, looking both at what the university is doing right to ensure accessibility and areas in which it needs to improve, with the help of a consultant.
From www.elon.edu, August 10, 2011

Apps, iPads Help Workers with Disabilities
Jonathan Avila uses his iPad in ways most people might not realize are possible: The device reads e-mail to him while he's traveling to work, tells him which way to walk when he is lost, and even lets him know if there's a sidewalk on the other side of the street. Avila needs these features because he's visually impaired.
From www.sfgate.com, August 10, 2011

Pakistan: Millions of Poor to Have Cell Numbers Under UN-backed Scheme
Three million poor people in South Asia and Africa, the majority of them women, will gain access to low-cost mobile phone numbers as part of technology firm Movirtu’s partnership with the U.N. initiative that enlists the private sector in efforts to fight poverty, it was announced. Instead of sharing a phone number with family members or neighbours, those provided with a Movirtu cloud phone number will be able to use any mobile phone to log in with their own unique number to make and receive individual calls and access critical information and services such as banking or agriculture support, a UN news release said.
From pakobserver.net, August 10, 2011

TechNews: New Roles and Skills for Cloud Computing
Clearly, cloud computing requires new skills inside of organizations that are moving to the cloud. We all get that. However, many companies have difficulty understanding exactly what those skills are, the scope required, and the timing. According to a recent survey covered by NetworkWorld, cloud adoption can run into resistance when stakeholders within an organization are unclear about how they’ll be affected by the migration.
From www.forbes.com, August 10, 2011

M-Enabling Summit to Co-locate at the 2011 mHealth Summit
The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) and the Global Initiative for Inclusive Technologies (G3ict) today announced that the M-Enabling Summit, focused on mobile applications and services for senior citizens and persons with disabilities, will co-locate with the 2011 mHealth Summit.
From PR Newswire, August 10, 2011

Mobile Connections to Hit the 5.6 Billion Mark
In a report, Gartner has predicted that worldwide mobile connections will reach 5.6 billion by the end of this year. It also expects mobile data services revenue to account for USD314.7 billion, which is a 22.5% increase from last year's $257 billion. The analysis firm also suggests that mobile data traffic will increase significantly due to a migration towards smartphones and tablets. Moreover, worldwide mobile connections will grow steadily, reaching 7.4 billion by 2015. In the same year, mobile data revenues will be expected to reach USD552 billion.
From www.techtree.com, August 09, 2011

Nokia Introduces Voice-to-Text Messaging on Windows Phones
Nokia unveiled plans to install a voice-to-text feature on its upcoming Windows Phones, as the company looks to brighten its fortunes by catching up in the smartphone market.
From www.mobiledia.com, August 09, 2011

Product: The Apple iPad's Secret Abilities
The Apple tablet is helping people with disabilities by reading e-mails, voicing directions, and zooming in on text.
From www.businessweek.com, August 09, 2011

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