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Daily Headlines 
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Google Accessibility Launches New Features to Accessibility Scanner v1.2
Google launched new features for its Accessibility Scanner, a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills.
From Google, March 24, 2018

Creating Technology for a Range of Disabilities Helps Everyone, says Microsoft Accessibility Expert
Companies that create technology for a range of disabilities end up helping everyone in society, according to a Microsoft accessibility expert.
From Microsoft, March 23, 2018

VIDEO: Sony Interactive Entertainment on Improving Accessibility on PlayStation
PlayStation® team who continues to pursue accessibility through user testing and refinements talk about the challenges and values of their work.
From Sony, March 23, 2018

India: First Indian Sign Language Dictionary Launched
The first Indian Sign Language Dictionary of 3000 words developed by Indian Sign Language Research & Training Centre was launched. It will help the deaf communicate better and learn English.
From Press Information Bureau, India, March 23, 2018

The Importance Of Web Accessibility And How Marketers Can Help
The article outlines some common use cases and how marketers can ensure web accessibility for users with disabilities to have the fullest browsing experience and a free and open Internet.
From Forbes, March 21, 2018

Designing for VR Accessibility
In a Game Developers Conference panel researchers suggest a few ideas that developers can consider to begin to address accessibility in Virtual Reality for a diverse group of users.
From Venture Beat, March 21, 2018

Australia: Why Even The Best Resourced Businesses Get Tripped Up By Digital Accessibility
Progress over improving accessibility through technology has been mixed, experts note, where even the biggest companies in Australia are facing legal action over the accessibility of products.
From Which 50, March 20, 2018

India: Disability Conference Discusses Accessibility as a Human Right Must for Persons with Disabilities
Promoting accessibility along with the development of skill sets holds key to empowering people with disabilities. This discussion was taking place at a disability conference in Manguluru, India.
From The Times of India, March 19, 2018

Is the EU Public Sector Ready for the Web Accessibility Directive?
Bryn Anderson of Siteimprove introduces the incoming EU legislation that will require all government entities to make their websites more accessible.
From Public Technology, March 18, 2018

Google Maps to Show Wheelchair Accessibility Info in Major Metropolitan Transit Areas of the World
Google Maps is adding a filter for people to opt for wheelchair accessible routes at major metropolitan transit centres around the world. The feature will roll out in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney.
From BGR, March 17, 2018

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