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Daily Headlines 
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Ireland: Government Invests €8m to Provide Public Libraries with New ICT Facilities
The Irish Government is investing €8m in public libraries to enhance them with new ICT facilities, establish them as hubs for aiding digital skills development and ensuring they are inclusive to all.
From Silicon Republic, September 15, 2018

Talking Gloves, Tactile Windows: New Tech Helps Persons with Disabilities
Improvements in artificial intelligence, combined with decreasing costs of hardware are making it possible for inventors to develop products designed for people with disabilities, in low investments.
From Washington Post, September 13, 2018

European standard EN 301 549 for ICT Updated to Adopt WCAG 2.1
WCAG 2.1 has been adopted as a technical standard for standard EN 301 549. Public institutions in Europe will now be asked to respond to WCAG 2.1 for public procurement of ICT products & services.
From W3C, September 13, 2018

Students at University of Waterloo Develops Technology to Help Visually Impaired use Touchscreens
Developed by a team of students at the University of Waterloo, WatVision is a system that uses text to speech technology to enable individuals to access the touchscreen functions on everyday devices.
From CBC, September 10, 2018

How Tech Leaders are Being More Inclusive and Satisfying Legal and Market Imperatives
Technology leaders have leveraged latest advances like voice recognition to deliver tools to assist persons with disabilities driven by a desire to be more inclusive and satisfy legal imperatives.
From USA Today, September 10, 2018

Ireland: New Initiative Uses Smartphones to Improve Navigation for Wheelchair Users
With an aim to make accessibility visible and searchable online, the new Irish app Route4U allows smartphone users to record path obstacles to improve navigation for wheelchair users and has also won the Enterprise Ireland challenge aimed at improving mobility in Dublin.
From Silicon Republic, September 07, 2018

US: How University of Maryland Professors are Improving their Websites for Students with Disabilities
A University of Maryland policy has set minimum accessibility standards for all newly created web-based content at the university, and faculty members are seeking ways to enhance existing sites.
From The Diamondback, September 06, 2018

India: Court Asks Government to Make Websites Accessible to Persons with Disabilities
The Bombay High Court has directed the Maharashtra government to ensure its websites are accessible to persons with disabilities, based on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by an NGO that seeks universal accessibility for government websites.
From The Indian Express, September 03, 2018

Communication Aids: Global Market and Trends in AI, IoT
The global market for augmentative communication devices for persons with disabilities is growing rapidly and providers must imbibe principles of universal design and accessible user experience.
From Rehacare, September 03, 2018

2018 Australian Digital Inclusion Index: Persons with Disabilities Missing Essential Benefits
The 2018 Australian Digital Inclusion Index shows that nearly 2.5 million Australians, many persons with disabilities and who are not online, are missing out on accessing essential government services.
From Smart Company, September 03, 2018

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