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Daily Headlines 
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Apple Posts Updated Accessibility Page
Apple has updated its Accessibility page with new information and a note regarding its commitment to providing technological solutions that help individuals with disabilities use Apple products.
From ars technica, September 10, 2008

Apple’s New Commitment to Accessibility
Yesterday’s Apple media event brought us more than just new iPods and a revamped version of iTunes. Apple used its new iPods and iTunes jukebox software to introduce new accessibility features for the visually-impared.
From ZDNet, September 10, 2008

Make Search Engine Optimisation Accessible
Improving website accessibility for people with disabilities should be high on the agenda for anyone seeking to optimise for search engines.
From Businessfeet.com, September 08, 2008

China: As Paralympics Launch, Disabled Face Discrimination
Despite recent positive steps, discrimination against persons with disabilities continues in China and organizations for the disabled face government pressure and harassment, Human Rights Watch said today on the eve of the September 6 Paralympic Games in Beijing.
From Human Rights Watch, September 05, 2008

Freedom Machines: Empowerment through Technology
There will always be those who yearn for a simpler time, a time before the world was consumed by the internet and ever-advancing technologies. For the 54 million people living with disabilities in the United States, assistive technology can transform their lives, making it possible to fully participate in the able-bodied world – if they are able to afford it.
From The Wip.com, September 03, 2008

Mid-West Project Seeks to Bridge the Digital Divide
Access to Information Communications Technologies must be made available to all members of the community if the continued digitalisation of public services is to be deemed a success.
From Click Press, September 03, 2008

"Handinnov Europe 2008," a European Competition in Favour of Young Disabled People
The "Handinnov Europe 2008" competition will reward exemplary practices introduced in each Member State of the European Union in favour of young disabled people.
From Courrier International, September 02, 2008

India - Fighting Disability with Will Power
What technology can do to help differently-abled people lead a dignified life
From CIOL.com, September 02, 2008

Accessibility Interoperability Alliance News
The news that IBM has joined the AIA significantly strengthens this important cross-vendor initiative. About eight months ago, on December 10, 2007, a coalition of leading information technology (IT) and assistive technology (AT) companies announced the formation of the Accessibility Interoperability Alliance (AIA). An engineering working group dedicated to enabling developers to more easily create accessible software, hardware and Web products. These solutions will reduce barriers to information and communication technologies that currently exist for people with disabilities in today's digital world.
From IT-Director.com, August 31, 2008

E-commerce for the Blind
The Americans with Disabilities Act requires “public accommodations” to be accessible to the disabled as well as the able-bodied. That's why stores, government buildings and churches have elevators and ramps, not just stairs. But when the National Federation of the Blind urged retail giant Target Corp. three years ago to modify its website to aid the visually impaired, Target balked. The disabilities act applied to its brick-and-mortar stores, not its branch in cyberspace, Target's lawyers argued.
From Los Angeles Times, August 30, 2008

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