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Daily Headlines 
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Text-Only News Sites are Making a Comeback with Major Accessibility Gains
ext-only sites — which used to be more popular in the early days of the Internet, when networks were slower and bandwidth was at a premium – are incredibly useful, and not just during natural disasters. They load much faster, don’t contain any pop-ups or ads or autoplay videos, and help people with low bandwidth or limited Internet access. They’re also beneficial for people with visual disabilities who use screen readers to navigate the Internet.
From Poynter, September 28, 2017

Dubai to Host AccessAbilities Expo
Dubai will be hosting a three-day AccessAbilities expo that will cater to the increasing demand from the global market for older persons and persons with disabilities. It will bring together more than 150 exhibitors showcasing the world’s latest assistive technology and robotics, focused on facilitating the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities in society and empowering them.
From Gulf Today, September 27, 2017

Natural Disasters Encourage Web Accessibility Discussion
Social media and other online platforms have proven essential for both the dissemination of information and for the rescue of stranded individuals during catastrophic natural disasters. Unfortunately, many apps and websites may not be accessible leaving those with a disability in a potentially perilous state. This article looks at this issue and recent efforts to build apps and online platforms designed to help those with disabilities during disasters.
From BioSpace, September 27, 2017

ADA Accessibility, a Must for All Websites?
While many business owners may be familiar with physical accessibility improvements such as wheelchair ramps and Braille signs, fewer are aware that some federal courts alike have reinterpreted ADA accessibility regulations to apply to website operators. As a result, an increasing number of lawsuits on website operators who do not meet WCAG 2.0 standards have been on the rise.
From Lexology, September 26, 2017

Hanoi Builds Website with Information on Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
The Hanoi People’s Committee is building a website with information on accessibility for persons with disabilities. The website will list accessible tourist attractions and rate the accessibility of these sites for people with disabilities.
From Communist Party of Vietnam, September 26, 2017

Promoting Seamless Accessible Solutions
Enabling persons with disabilities to go about their daily life seamlessly should be the next milestone for innovative companies. BarrierBreak Solutions has been one such company paving the way in developing tech products and services to crack the disability market, making the social venture profitable as well.
From Business Today, September 25, 2017

Improving the Digital Experience for Travelers with Disabilities
Accessibility standards in the travel industry don’t only cover the physical environment but include standards, such as the Air Carrier Access Act(ACAA), that outline steps for accommodating people with disabilities in a digital environment. Given the fact that accessibility is by no means assured, people with disabilities pre-plan their trips starting with the Internet. Enhancing the digital experience for customers with disabilities is, therefore, both rewarding and achievable.
From Runway Girl Network, September 25, 2017

Zimbabwe: People with Disabilities Raise Concerns Over Accessibility of 2018 Election
People with disabilities in Zimbabwe want the Electoral Commission (ZEC) to put specific accessibility measures in place for the crucial 2018 elections. Some of the concerns include the availability of assistive services such as sign language interpretation and voter education material in braille.
From Daily News, September 25, 2017

Making Your Website Accessible
Web designers work and live by a series of well-accepted best practices, some which may be wrong however when referring to accessibility and effective web design for people with visual impairments. Designers must, therefore, embrace standards available and consider the given key recommendations to make the web a better experience for everyone.
From Specky Boy, September 25, 2017

The Trend Of Assistive Tech Is Rapidly Changing
A range of devices addressing needs of rehabilitation for a spectrum of disabilities are some of the assistive devices that were completely unheard of a few decades ago. The trend of assistive technology is rapidly changing and while they may face many challenges, their potential must be considered as well.
From Huffington Post, September 24, 2017

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