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Daily Headlines 
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US Digital Service Explains Section 508 Compliance That All Technologists Can Use
Accessibility is often neglected due to predominant misconceptions. The U.S. Digital Service debunks 7 common myths to address creating universally accessible content, and be compliant to Section 508.
From Digital Gov, March 22, 2017

Sign Language to go Digital in Uganda
Uganda National Association of the Deaf, an umbrella of deaf persons in Uganda, has partnered with the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions to make Uganda sign language learning accessible via digital platforms for the deaf, social service providers and anyone willing to learn.
From New Vision, March 20, 2017

Berkeley Will Delete Online Content
The University of California, Berkeley, will cut off public access to tens of thousands of video lectures and podcasts in response to a U.S. Justice Department order that it make the educational content accessible to people with disabilities.
From Inside Higher Ed, March 16, 2017

YouTube has Auto-Captioned a Billion Videos
Captions, subtitles on clips that transcribe dialogue and note other audio clues occurring on screen, are a technology that makes videos more accessible for those with hearing impairments, YouTube, the biggest video site on the planet has automatically captioned 1 billion videos.
From CNET, March 15, 2017

Tech and Disability: Can Mobile Apps Make a Difference?
Mobile apps traditionally focused on leisure and fun. But developers gradually turned their attention to more philanthropic concerns, with each improvement of app technology later adapted into ‘assistive technology’, which helps those living with disabilities complete day-to-day tasks.
From Tech City News, March 14, 2017

European Disability Forum Demands Stronger European Accessibility Act
The Accessibility Act is aimed at making access to goods and services easier for the 80 million people in Europe with disabilities. The European Disability Forum led a protest outside the European Parliament in Brussels to persuade MEPs to strengthen the European Accessibility Act, amidst reports of it being watered down.
From Euro News, March 13, 2017

Procurement Officials Need Accessible Technology Training, Labor Report Says
Agency procurement officials need training tools related to purchasing accessible technology, according to a report by the Department of Labor. DOL decided that the best idea was to provide tools to procurement officials on how to buy technology that people with disabilities can use. The idea was chosen because DOL could write regulations to enforce that these tools be provided.
From Meri Talk, March 10, 2017

92% of U.S. federal government’s websites do not meet basic standards for security, speed, mobile friendliness or accessibility: Study
92% of the U.S. federal government’s most popular websites do not meet basic standards for security, speed, mobile friendliness or accessibility, a new study from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation says.
From Executive Gov, March 09, 2017

How Digital Skills Create Opportunities for People With Disabilities
Today technology – and Internet connectivity in particular – is an equalizer. Connectivity enables people to access education, jobs, financial services, and healthcare. It gives anyone the ability to build the skills and resources needed to thrive, and the potential to become a global problem solver. One group at risk of being left behind in the digital revolution, however, is people with disabilities.
From Cisco Blogs, March 08, 2017

‘Access Moves’: How One Instructor Seeks Accessibility
Accessibility issues are being brought to the forefront as education becomes more digital. How can an instructor design an online course so as many students as possible can benefit from it?
From Inside Higher Ed, March 07, 2017

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