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Dell Inc.

Company size: 103,300 employees

Key product/service items: Dell’s products and service offerings include enterprise solutions; services; software and peripherals; and client products.

Accessibility website overview: Dell's accessibility website highlights the company's commitment to improving the accessibility of its products and web content in accordance with Section 508 standards as well as W3C Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Dell strives to improve usability of its products through a variety of methods. Dell assists users who have auditory impairments with the use of light and listening devices. Dell responds to the needs of customers impacted by disabilities since the company itself reflects a myriad of skills, experiences, backgrounds and styles — all of which promote an environment of inclusion.

Key areas of accessibility work: To exemplify Dell’s commitment to customers with special needs, the company has taken action on several levels, with the goal of meeting, and where possible exceeding, both the W3C-WAI and US Section 508 standards.
1. Dell has developed functionality on its website, http://www.dell.com
2. A global team of developers, product managers, and regional leads participate in the development process, providing guidance and feedback regarding feasibility and implementation of designs, and how well such designs will work for customers.  3. Dell tests the usability of its web applications via usability testing, customer feedback surveys, focus groups, analysis of web metrics, and a variety of remote-testing strategies.

Company accessibility website: http://content.dell.com/us/en/corp/d/corp-comm/cr-diversity-customer-disabilities
Contact information:
Dell Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock
Texas 78682
Tel: +1-512-338-4400