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Company size: 20,710 employees

Key product/service items: Océ specializes in copying and printing offering products including for high volume copying, high performance printing, digital production and commercial printing.

Accessibility website overview: Océ's website discusses Section 508 requirements and how Océ is working to fulfill the goals of universal product accessibility. It also includes a listing of its Section 508 Accessible Products.
Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Océ is committed to providing superior technologies that allow individuals with disabilities to fully participate in digital document management and printing tasks. That means conscientiously working toward developing products that are ergonomically designed, user-friendly and highly accessible to all customers, including those with special needs. Océ's focus on research and development has extended to enhancing the accessibility of its product offering, which is strong in compliance with little or no modification necessary.
Key areas of accessibility work: Océ develops accessible products to meet Section 508 requirements and also provides Braille and Castor kits for those products that are not yet accessible.
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Contact information:
Océ North America
100 Oakview Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611
Customer service: Contact directory link