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Company size: 42,000

Key product/service items: T-Mobile, a wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG, provides wireless communications solutions including wireless voice, messaging, and data solutions.

Accessibility website overview: T-Mobile’s accessibility policy website details the features offered by the company, such as hearing aid-compatible devices and TTY, Telephone Text Device, network compatibility.

Key statements on ICT product and service accessibility: T-Mobile is committed to providing products and services that meet a variety of communication needs.

Key areas of accessibility work: T-Mobile offers a wide range of hearing aid-compatible mobile phones as well as rating system to assist customers in purchasing the correct device for individual needs. T-Mobile’s network is also TTY compatible for hearing and speech-impaired customers. All T-Mobile plans and most mobile phones work with TTY.

Company accessibility website: http://www.t-mobile.com/Company/CompanyInfo.aspx?tp=Abt_Tab_ConsumerInfo&tsp=Abt_Sub_AccessibilityPolicy

Contact information:
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
12920 South East 38th Street
Washington 98006
Tel: +1-800-3189270
Contact form: www.t-mobile.com/Contact.aspx