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Fundosa Technosite S.A.

Image: Technosite logo             Image: ONCE Foundation (Spain) logo

Company size: 130-150 employees

Key product/service items: Technosite S.A. is an ICT accessibility company owned by the ONCE Foundation (Spain) and a major European player in providing services such as accessible web design & development, web accessibility consulting, auditing, certification, & training and diversity management consulting. Technosite has a consolidated leadership position in European Commission-funded ICT accessibility and diversity-related R&D project consortiums and initiatives.

Accessibility website overview: Technosite’s goal is that everyone, including people with disabilities and elderly persons, or those using different kinds of non-conventional technologies, can access and easily navigate through the contents within its website. Therefore, the website was built following design-for-all criteria in compliance with the W3C WAI WCAG 1.0 at AA level, with a view to implementing upcoming changes in compliance with the WCAG 2.0 at AA level. Built-in features ensure all website contents are easily accessible and correctly viewed on different browsers (visual features defined by style sheets, relative font sizes, deactivated CSS support, separation between structure and content, conformance with formal grammars guarantees, etc.). In addition, keyboard shortcut commands to the website’s main links were also included.

Key statements on ICT product and services accessibility: Technosite is an ICT Accessibility company 100% owned by the ONCE Foundation and since 2001 has helped more than 500 European organizations to make their ICT services more accessible and to improve the way they manage diversity, generating social impact and raising awareness on the importance of ICT accessibility among industry and public administrations.

Technosite aims at achieving excellence in the delivery of its services, based on an in-depth knowledge of international ICT accessibility standards, a profound understanding of the needs and preferences of persons with diverse capabilities (disabled, elderly) and highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, of which 60% are persons with disabilities.

Technosite plays an active role in international organizations such as the W3C-WAI (Education and Outreach Working Group, EOWG; WAI Interest Group); the European Design for All eAccessibility Network, EdeAN; the eGovernment Monitor Network (eGovMoNet); the Accessibility Interoperability Alliance, AIA; the Universal Remote Console Consortium (URCC) and European eAccessibility Certification (EuraCERT). Technosite was also founding member of the Euroaccessibility Consortium.

Key areas of accessibility work:
Web accessibility services: consulting, audit, certification and training, based on the W3C WAI WCAG 2.0. Accessible PDF document generation, consulting and training.

Accessible web design & development services: portals, intranets, mobile web, social networks, smartphone apps, e-learning platforms & content.

Social Studies and Research:
- User experience assessment and quantitative and qualitative analysis: European Commission-funded projects such as “Study on Monitoring e-Accessibility – MeAC”, “Study on Economic Assessment and Evaluation of Recommendations for improving e-Accessibility Services and Products”, “Study on the socio-economic impact of new measures to improve accessibility of goods and services for people with disabilities”;
- Work inclusion-oriented and diversity management projects: “Job Development and Placement ICT Support for People with Disabilities”, “White Book on Hiring Workers with Different Abilities”, “Telework Best Practices & Recommendation Guidebook”, “White Paper on Telework”, “Telework as a Tool to promote Social Inclusion, Productivity growth and better Quality of Life at work of Persons with Disabilities”, “ICT Accessibility in Learning & Work Environments”, etc.;
- ICT Accessibility Observatories: aimed at determining the degree of accessibility of websites within an industry or a single organization in Spain and to carry out a comparative analysis over time; 22 done since 2004,
- ICT Accessibility Plans for universities, city councils, public transport operators, etc.

R & D + i consulting: creation of accessible multi-platform solutions and applications from the very beginning, not adding accessibility patches at the end of other processes, and with a focus on the transition from accessibility to personalization where accessibility is an added value, but not the only feature. Solutions focus on meeting user needs and preferences, using inclusive knowledge modeling, adaptive user interfaces, assistive technologies, ubiquitous accessibility and user-centered design in environments like home, banking, passenger transport, tourism and leisure and work centers.
Company accessibility website: http://www.technosite.es
Contact information:
Fundosa Technosite, S.A. ONCE Foundation
Calle Albasanz 16,
3rd floor, 28037 Madrid
Tel: +34-91-1210330
Fax: +34-91-3757051