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Articles written by Debra Ruh  Employability & Technology

Ruh Global by Debra Ruh

Debra Ruh, who has been consulting in the ICT Accessibility and Disability Inclusion industry since 2001, talks about her new stint as the Founder of Ruh Global, which will focus on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities via Digital Marketing and Communications More

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How to Provide Quality Customer Service to Customers with Disabilities

The key to providing quality services to customers with disabilities is to remember that all customers are individuals, says Debra Ruh in this blog post, with handy tips on communicating with individuals with a range of disabilities. More

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Ensuring Social Media Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Most social media platforms such as blogs, social networks, podcasts, and file sharing services are not accessible to persons living with some form of disability. It's time we included the more than a billion people worldwide into the most popular way of communicating online, says Debra Ruh More

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Oman – Setting a Best Practice for the World?

The Information Technology Authority (ITA) Sultanate of Oman invited Debra Ruh to visit Muscat, Oman to help them draft an eAccessibility Policy. Ms Ruh writes about her experience More

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The Promise of Accessible ICT

Universal accessibility in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector holds unparalleled promise and opportunity for people with disabilities never before seen in America’s history, reflects Debra Ruh More

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How Does an Organization Blend Accessibility into its Culture?

Debra Ruh explains why organizations need to take a strategic and process driven approach to accessibility in order to incorporate a culture of inclusion at work More

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An Opportunity To Add Your Voice to the National Dialogue on Improving the Section 508 Program

Over the past few years the Government has taken many affirmative steps in regards to Section 508, but recognizing a need to do more, in July 2011 the President announced an effort to develop a strategic plan for Section 508 and the intent to share the strategy with the public. More

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The CRPD - Impact & Opportunities

Debra Ruh stresses on the need for international corporations to serve as a benchmark and source for good practices in support of an effective implementation of the CRPD. More

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The Importance of Workplace Accessibility

Sometimes people think workplace accessibility only relates to new hires, but it’s just as important to retain your talented employees, says Debra Ruh More

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The ICT Accessibility Industry Needs a Professional Certification

Debra Ruh argues the need for industry-run professional certification for companies and consultants working on ICT accessibility (Section 508). More

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