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Articles written by Debra Ruh  Employability & Technology

Employees with Disabilities Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Employees with disabilities can assist businesses in gaining insight into a multi-billion dollar market segment. Companies are beginning to recognize the value of this multi billion dollar target market, as well as the extended families and support networks associated with this market. More

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Employer Business Case

Recruiting and hiring people with disabilities is a sound business strategy used by successful businesses nationwide.  More

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Accommodations Do Not Have to Be Costly

Technology is being used everyday to increase productivity of employees with and without disabilities. More

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Accessibility: For Everyone's Benefit

More than one in ten, that is, at least 50m citizens throughout the EU, must deal with a disability and are confronted daily with physical barriers. A must see EU video!  More

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More Businesses Trying to Hire Workers with Disabilities

This is a wonderful article from Florida, describing larger companies' trend of hiring persons with disabilities. 386,116 people with a disability were employed in Florida last year. More

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The Disability Inclusion Initiative Employment Sector (July 2009)

The Employment Sector of the International Labour Organization (ILO) aims to create opportunities for women and men, including those with disabilities, to secure decent employment and income. The Sector has recently launched a Disability Inclusion Initiative which reflects a renewed commitment within the ILO to address more systematically the inclusion of disabled persons, an estimated 650 million people globally, in its work.  More

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