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Articles written by Robert Pearson  Accessible Media

Achieving Inclusion through Gesture, Touch and Voice

As with most assistive technologies, gesture, touch and voice will allow for increased levels of inclusion for persons of all abilities, not only in the consumption of accessible media, but in many aspects of our daily lives, says Robert Pearson More

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Making a Submission to an Accessibility Conference

With the season of accessibility events upon us, Robert Pearson enlists three reasons why we should participate in these conferences either as a presenter or attendee More

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Art of Audio Description: Setting Standards and Regulations for a Universal Audience

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI), in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) has recently embarked upon the process of developing Canadian broadcasting industry wide best practices for described video (DV). More

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Robert Pearson gives us a roundup of the accessibility events coming up this year, in what is known as the Super Accessibility Season More

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Generation: Paper

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) recently launched the Described Video (DV) TV Guide in Canada on the AMI website. For reference, for those who may not be aware, Audio Description is known as Described Video in Canada. Robert Pearson writes. More

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Practical Web Accessibility: Contextualizing User Interface and Design Across Disability Environments

Robert Pearson gives us a brief account of the proceedings of the June 2012 meet up of the Toronto Accessibility and Inclusive Design group that focused on ‘Practical Accessibility’. More

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Taking a DEEPer Look at Accessibility

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend, sponsor, speak at and cover as a media organization, the Designing and Enabling Economies and Policies (DEEP) Conference hosted by G3ict and OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario More

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Touch Devices and Voice-activated Assistive Technology: Inclusive to Some, Excludes Others?

While leaps have been made in the realm of assistive and adaptive technologies for persons with disabilities, are these very devices excluding several others with specific or unique disabilities? G3ict Blogger Robert Pearson reflects More

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An Accessibility Advantage - Do Awards and Recognition Foster an Environment of Accessibility and Inclusion?

Accessibility and inclusion are relevant in everything. They’re natural values of society and culture that should never be seen as an addition to a process, but rather as part of the process itself, writes Robert Pearson More

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