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Debra Ruh

Employability & Technology

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Report on Disability Studies Sessions at Danishkadah

We at danishkadah believe that we need to work with all the segments of the society to develop "accessible , barrier-free, and right based society for all". Therefore we always try to cooperate with all the segments for the society. Universities are one of the most important segment of the society and one of our focused institution.

In Karachi university there is a special education department, that offer Bachelor and Master degrees on especial education. Students of this department usually become employees of special education department or teachers in "special schools". Danishkadah was requested by the  head of the special education department of Karachi University. It was informed that their students can visit Danishkadah? We welcomed and arranged   sessions for them on Saturday 25th September 2010, on disability related topics. Eight students visited Danishkadah.

First session facilitated by Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani (our member advisory board and leader at Asia Pacific level). As most of you know him International facilitator so students of University took interest in the session. Mr. Nizamani gave presentation on general topics of disability field and latest developments in disability especially CRPD. Students were not aware from new developments in disability field. Then  Muhammad Akram talked about Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafened, assistive devices, and Aqeel ur Rehman talk about speech therapy. during the discussion students asked many questions especially about Danishkadah, because they visited Danishkadah with concept of special school and were trying to find students with disabilities. We explained that Danishkadah is willing to change the mindset of society about disability, Danishkadah is not a special school or teaching institution for children with disabilities. 

In Panel discussion Mr. Nizamani, Mr. Akram and Mr. Aqeel replied their various questions. One most dominant question became after presentations that what is our future as students of Special Education? Mr. Nizamani told them that actually special education subject in University is teaching on disability and related issues and there are many opportunities in this field in Governmental and Non-Governmental sector. He told them if Inclusive Society concept may be adopted then there will be countless jobs will be for them because they already had study on disability.

At the end Danishkadah provided some material on disability to the students and offered that they can again visit danishkdah and explore the available material on disability at Danishkadah, and we also can help in learning the sign language.



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