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Debra Ruh

Employability & Technology

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An Opportunity To Add Your Voice to the National Dialogue on Improving the Section 508 Program

Over the past few years the Government has taken many affirmative steps in regards to Section 508, but recognizing a need to do more, in July 2011 the President announced an effort to develop a strategic plan for Section 508 and the intent to share the strategy with the public.

As a part of that effort, The Federal Government is seeking input from the community on ways Federal agencies can improve management of the Section 508 Program. Some Federal agencies have made great strides implementing Section 508 and a national dialogue will help the Government learn from those agencies, build upon their success, incorporate best practices from private industry, get feedback from academia, consider personal experiences and focus on the areas needing the most attention. Interested parties can add their voices to The National Dialogue on Improving the Section 508 Program - an online community for participants to submit ideas, vote on existing ideas or add their own personal comments. The deadline for input is April 9, 2012.

You can read more about the dialogue at http://section508.ideascale.com/a/pages/dialogue

People with disabilities should be able to access their government on an equal basis with all Americans, and technology plays a major role in making that happen. I commend the President, the Chief Acquisition Officer’s Council, the Chief Information Officers Council and the US General Services Administration for their continued efforts to improve management of the Section 508 Program. I believe this is one of the most important steps that has been made since the adoption of Section 508.


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