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Robert Pearson

Accessible Media

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Making a Submission to an Accessibility Conference

With the season of accessibility events upon us, Robert Pearson enlists three reasons why we should participate in  these conferences either as a presenter or attendee.

Accessibility-focused conferences offer an opportunity for participants to gather, socialize, learn and innovate through discussion, conversation and presentations. The #Supera11ySeason has just begun, offering informal forums for professionals, consumers and the uninitiated in this regard. Meanwhile, other major conferences in this field also take place every year and the call for submissions to the largest of them, now the 28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (CSUN) in San Diego in February 2013, is open through September 2012.

Image: Accessiibility Camp Toronto - AMI

Caption: Accessibility Camp Toronto | Image courtesy: AMI

Why would I want to make a submission to an accessibility conference?

Are you engaged in research or development in the area of accessibility and technology? Are you looking to present your findings or products, within an innovative forum? Are you looking to share and learn through other participants experiences? These would all be reasons for considering making a submission to present at a conference such as CSUN. Importantly though, these forums offer an opportunity to drive forward the mandate of the discipline in ensuring universal inclusion and accessibility for the widest possible audience. By contributing to that directive, it becomes possible to showcase your work on an international level through your contribution. One thing certainly is true, about those who are engaged in the field of accessibility, which is that our work is always performed with one primary objective, inclusion, and nowhere is that more evident than within the technology forums of conferences such as CSUN.

Why would I want to attend an accessibility conference?

Making a submission and contributing to a conference by delivering a presentation, is one means by which to participate. However, realistically, competition to do so may be significant and taking part in this manner may not always be possible. That by no means should discourage participation in any such events, as the learning opportunities from the participant perspective can be equally significant. It is likely that conferences within other disciplines offer these similar opportunities for learning and innovation, but what sets conferences within this discipline apart is again that one primary objective: inclusion; as well as the provision of it. Simply, it could be qualified as a sense of doing good, while providing access to those who may otherwise be unable to gain that access by whatever means.

Will we see you at an accessibility conference over the coming year?

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) will be presenting, attending and sponsoring at a number of the conferences participating in the #Supera11ySeason series of conferences as well as others in the next year. We look forward to joining you there as we gather to continue to innovate and learn from each other as we continue to strive towards one common primary objective. It will also be our intention to once again host a delegate reception at the CSUN conference in February 2013. Contact Robert Pearson: Director, Accessible Digital Media at AMI for further details.


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