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Robert Pearson

Accessible Media

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Interim Accessible Solutions for Long-Term Inclusion

Creating interim accessible solutions can be a means of bridging the gap to compliance while work is underway on the larger accessibility service.

BlackBerry Q10

Image: AMI Director of Media Accessibility Robert Pearson is a BlackBerry advocate, owner of a Q10.

While on vacation visiting family, my daughter and I had the opportunity to go blackberry picking a number of times. She became very good at waiting patiently beside the bush, while I made my way through the thorns and back to return to her with a special treat. Not being bothered by the thorns, the overall accessibility of the bush was not a concern for her. However, being too small to be concerned about getting scratched, she had me as her advocate to deliver exactly what she was looking for. 

This brings me to the berry’s namesake: I am a loyal BlackBerry advocate, owner of a Q10 and an experienced accessibility professional. I understand that the device is perceived to have a difficult interface, but once you become a regular user, you would find the phone – just like fruit – to offer something of value.

Working to address inaccessible interface issues should be a priority, however creating interim accessible solutions can be a means of bridging the gap to compliancy while work is underway. Providing customized and accessible content to your digital clientele can be a means of ensuring that access to the information that they seek is assured, based upon their preferences.

Accessible Video Player:
At AMI we strive to ensure accessibility in everything that we focus upon, both content that is broadcast on air and through other mediums, as well as content that is displayed digitally. For example, we have produced hundreds of news pieces from the community over the years, which are two-, three-to-four interstitials that are run in place of regular commercials on AMI-tv. 

We have also produced extensive original programming in recent years, focused on delivering content that the community is interested in. For the last few years, we've been posting all of this video content to YouTube as an interim and mildly accessible solution for a not-for-profit such as ourselves. What this has been leading to though is the development and launch of a fully accessible video player interface that will be coming to http://www.ami.ca towards the end of 2014.

Being both structurally accessible and providing accessible content with description and captioning,  AMI-tv content will for the first time be accessible over the web. We will be present at the main industry conference in the coming months to discuss and highlight the features of the player, in the meantime though please feel free to contact us for any further information.


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