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Debra Ruh

  Employability & Technology


Debra Ruh Presents at The Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in Shanghai, China

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I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in The Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network, June 20-22, 2010 USA Pavilion, Shanghai. Dell and Bloomberg are gathering female founders, CEOs and innovative leaders who run businesses in the world's top markets are on the verge of breaking through to the next level. The inaugural event celebrates the impact that women owned businesses have on the global economy. “Taking Your Own Path though Global Tech Strategies” is an interactive two day program showcasing best practices from the challenging world of running high-growth entrepreneurships and the ways in which technology can make a difference.

Moderated by Bloomberg journalists, attending the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network will be a powerful way to share and expand your personal network. These global peers will be fundamental to successfully navigating your way through the post economic crisis recovery.

To register your interest in attending this exclusive event as our guest, please contact: Jeremy Lindblad: +1-212-647-6530 +1-212-647-6530 or log onto: