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The Report of International Study Programme 2010 in Korea

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Global Challenges of Youth with Disabilities


The Korean Society for Rehabilitation of persons with Disabilities (KSRPD) and RI Korea has organized a study programme under topic “Global Challenges of Youth with Disabilities”, from 17th August 2010 to 29th August 2010 at Seoul. The theme of this programme was, to understand disability rights.

Snapshot of the panel at the Global Challenges of Youth with Disabilities programmeThere were nine countries those participated from AP region and other regions as well. India,. Pakistan, China, Combodia, S.Korea, Soloman Island, East Temore, Philpines, Nepal were among the participants.

Snapshot of a group of people at the Global Challenges of Youth with Disabilities programmeParticipants studied about disability movement in Korea and learned that how the rights have been achieved in Korea, including relevant legislations, governmental support, independent agent (Human Rights Council), and disability movement through people with disability by themselves. Participants especially weighed on the aspect of self-advocacy (in a form of collective power) and perception of disability (Social Model and Medical Model). Surprisingly, despite the awareness of the models, Participants found the medical model is overwhelmingly practicized in different areas in many countries, including Korea.

All Participants were made aware about disability rights. Participants were given opportunity to learn about traditions, rituals, religions, customs and disability situation among different countries. This was highly appreciated that Seoul city fully accessible for people with disability.

Snapshot of a group of people in front of the banner of the Global Challenges of Youth with Disabilities programmeParticipants analyzed access situation in Korea and visited historical places, Palaces, Art galleries, Sendex exhibition 2010, IL centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Shopping Malls, and Rivers. Participants found Koreans very pleasant and hospitable during their home stay.

Participants were introduced with well reputed agencies like KOICA, rehabilitation centers and others. They were made aware about activities and future planning in Korea. Participants introduced their own organizations and shared experience with concerned institutions.

The participants showed their commitment that they will try their level best to support community with disability for the establishment of rights based and barrier free society after returning to their respective countries.

Snapshot of a group of people sitting at a table at the Global Challenges of Youth with Disabilities programmeMr. Abid Lashari was declared as leader of year 2010. Through networking relations build up with participants of different countries and institutions of Korea for mutual coalition and cooperation in future. This programme was meaningful for all young leaders, they learned and enjoyed lot with Participants of different nations and different regions, hope this kind of programme would remain continue for the capacity building of next generation of persons with disabilities of the world.

Snapshot of a ABID LASHARIReported by:
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