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Special Education be Replaced with Inclusive Education: Abid Lashari

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Nawabshah Disability Forum (NDF) member PDPO [DPI] Pakistan and Sindh Disability Forum (SDF) observed 8th September 2010 World  Literacy day by taken out rally under leadership of  Abid Lashari from NDF office to Press Club. Addressing on the occasion Mr. Abid Lashari President Nawabshah Disability Forum and Vice President DPI-Pakistan said that the institutions of Special education are failed to impart quality education to disabled children. He said it was observed that when ever tests for recruitment conducted no disabled candidate of mentioned above institutions had ever been passed the test. He demanded that special education be replaced in inclusive education. If they were equal partner of community then why they were isolated in some institutions. He said they are confined in the institutions, they must be offered equal opportunities in the community. He further said Disabled people are not patients to cure, not children to keep in houses, nor gods to worship, but human beings. They have equal rights as others in the society. They should be treated on equal bases to improve their skills to be part of mainstream life. He said education is only source to put them on developmental track, they should be offered opportunity of higher education in all measures, as PWDs be proved proud for the nation.

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