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Bangladesh Disabled Citizen Act at the National Press Club on Saturday

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Dear Colleagues,

Social welfare minister Enamul Haque Mostafa Shahid said this while addressing a discussion meeting on Bangladesh Disabled Citizen Act at the National Press Club on Saturday. 

Society of the Deaf & Sign Language Users (SDSL) organised the discussion. 

The minister said, "Both the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and the Election Commission have failed to provide the exact number of disabled people in Bangladesh. That's why we have decided to carry out this census by ourselves." 

Shahid said that the government had started the process to formulate a new law by amending the existing Disability Welfare Act, 2001. 

Deaf people can sometimes talk if they are provided with better treatment. But the guardians are ignorant about this, the minister added. 

He urged the doctors to take necessary steps for such cases. 

The meeting participants demanded passage of a law for the disabled people in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), endorsed by the United Nations' General Assembly. 

Bangladesh supported the CRPD in 2007 which became an international law in 2008


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Ghulam Nabi Nizamani