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Launching Ceremony Special Think-Tank Pakistan (Group of) Persons with Disabilities (STP-PWD)

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The launching ceremony of Special Think-Tank Pakistan (Group of) Persons with Disabilities (STP-PWD) was on Thursday evening 6th January 2011 with the coordination of all Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) have created 1 Think-Tank group that is (Special Think Tank Pakistan of Persons With Disabilities.) This Think Tank will be collecting all national and international policies and laws, compiled in 1 booklet. Moreover, it will check that, where? And Why? These laws and policies are not implemented. The Think-Tank group has created a sub-working committee of five members to initiate this task. All experts with disabilities are included in this Think-Tank group.

The meeting of sub-working committee decided and concluded that, ensuing year 2011 Think Tank will focus on inclusive environment generally, and education and health specifically as in corporate with United Nation Convention for the Rights of PWDs (UNCRPD).

Special Note:
Membership Form. Membership is open for all individual educated (at least Graduate or equal to graduation or above) PWDs eligible to be the member of Special Think Tank Pakistan. Meeting will be held on 23rd March 2011 in Karachi, venue will be announced soon. Send this form early as possible for registeration.

M. Mobin Uddin,
Working Committee Member
Chief Editor, Estanara Magazine,
President, PDPO (DPI-Pakistan),
President, ARCP.