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Podcast on Accessibility: Module on Digital Design and Media at the IT University of Copenhagen

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These four podcasts, lectures delivered by Peter Looms (Chairman of ITU-T Focus Group), are part of a semester course on Accessibility taught at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, for an MA degree in Digital Design and Media.

PodcastWhy were the podcasts originally produced?

The four podcasts below were produced live during lectures on 26 October, 2011 for a semester course on Accessibility.

For whom were the podcasts originally intended?

The Master’s course is part of a postgraduate program at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark where the students study full-time to get a Master’s degree in Digital Design & Media. Some of the lecturers at the IT University offer podcasts to improve the flexibility of their tuition (students are sometimes unable to attend due to illness or clashing commitments; podcasts constitute a good resource when revising or following classes as part of a blended learning system).

What does the user need to use each podcast?

The podcasts use an MPEG-4 format called M4a. The file contains an audio track and a number of still images (the slides) that are linked to the time code of the audio recording (the lecture). The M4a format is currently supported by media players such as Apple QuickTime available for Windows and Macintosh.

The podcasts are available from the following four links in the author’s Dropbox account:

How should they be used?

Check that you have QuickTime installed on the computer you are going to use.

Download the file from the Dropbox link above.

Launch the file from QuickTime. It should look like this:

To download the podcast, check if you have Quicktime program on your computer

(If you double-click, it may or may not launch the file correctly. If you have iTunes on the computer, it will probably launch the file with audio only without the slides)

Where can I find more resources of this kind?

You can find related podcasts at the website of the ITU-T Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility. Check the section on “Related events and resources”:

To date there are links to podcasts and presentations in English and Portuguese by the same author.

The author has also produced podcasts in other languages such as Danish, Spanish and Swedish.

For further details, please write an email to Peter Looms:

Peter Olaf LoomsPeter Olaf Looms, Chairman of ITU-T Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility (FG AVA), has worked for more than 30 years on policy and strategy in broadcasting. Since 2006 this has included television accessibility to so that as many persons as possible can use and enjoy television. He was instrumental in setting up the DTV4ALL consortium that assisted the European Commission in promoting e-inclusion and television across Europe.



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