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Once again, it is that time of the year when the #a11y (digital accessibility) community gathers to convene, discuss, present, and drive forward the mandate of providing digital accessibility on the web, in media, with ICTs and through other environments.

Throughout the latter half of the year, a number of conferences take place in several cities around the world, bringing together seasoned accessibility professionals, those looking to gain insight into accessibility and those who are newcomers to the practice of digital inclusion.

One of the primary intents of these gatherings is to introduce the topic to those who may not be familiar with it, in an effort to create a supportive environment where questions can be asked, knowledge gained and the good word spread.

Accessibility Camp Seattle's busy message board

Whether it is an unconference, an online workshop, a summit, bar camp, local meet-up, Google hangout, or conference, these grassroots meetings bring together the community while also creating a yearly checkpoint to see where the field has progressed locally and beyond, what needs to do done next and where attention needs to be given in the year ahead. 

As with other initiatives of a similar, well-minded focus, the number of events continues to expand with every passing year, which is evident no more so than on May 9th each year, which is also known as Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

The following list is a sample of some of the events that are scheduled to take place in October 2013. If you are in a position to attend any of these events, know that everyone is welcome. If you are unable to participate, why not consider starting one of your own in your home town? Chances are that there are like-minded individuals focused on digital accessibility near you who would be interested in gathering to share knowledge and compare notes on work in this field.

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) has been a proud sponsor of a number of these events over the last few years and looks forward to doing so in the years ahead. Consideration of digital accessibility and digital inclusion is important as the Internet of Things continues to evolve. The provision of accessible digital media is important, but also, accessibility in all aspects of a digital environment is crucial to not only the community requiring accessibility, but users of all abilities.  


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