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Event Review: Accessibility Camp Toronto

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The third edition of Accessibility Camp Toronto was held recently at OCAD University in Toronto. Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) was proud to sponsor and present at this event for the third consecutive year.

“So it was years ago that the godfather of #a11y (accessibility) did declare that we should gather here on this day and speak of accessible things. While he has now passed on the responsibility of continuing this mandate to a more than worthy team, to ensure that the world is hired in an accessible manner, the concept behind the day remains the same: bring together the uninitiated with the seasoned accessibility professional to start the conversation; in an effort to drive forward the understanding of the need for digital accessibility and the need for the digital inclusion for all.”

The third edition of Accessibility Camp Toronto was held recently at OCAD University in Toronto. Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) was proud to sponsor and present at this event for the third consecutive year. Begun as a concept by accessibility advocate Jennison Asuncion, Toronto hosts the largest of these “camp” events in North America. Other cities hosted similar events in 2013, including Quebec City, Boston, Washington, and London, United Kingdom. As stated, the aim was to kickstart the conversation about digital inclusion.

Here in Ontario, we have begun to approach the first deadline of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) related to the provision of web accessibility. As of January 1, 2014, a large portion of the organizations headquartered in the Province will be required to provide W3C WCAG Level A compliant content on all new web content and websites that they provide. Therefore, a significant focus of this event was related to the AODA in an effort to understand what organizations need to do to comply with this legislation.

Accessible Media Inc's presentation at Camp Toronto

Watch a panel of experts discuss the AODA and the requirements for implementation. AMI Director for Accessible Digital Media Robert Pearson.

AMI also discussed digital video and audio accessibility at this event to provide an understanding of the requirements for accessibility related to the provision of media on a website. Aspects such as video, audio, captions, descriptions, signing, and the ability to toggle each are all relevant points for consideration in the provision of accessible media, but equally important is the structural accessibility of the media player that provides the content. Media content providers need to ensure that users may access the content through a variety of platforms and that all controls are accessible, a logical tab order is present and that the player itself is coded accessibly.

In recognition of our mandate, AMI has begun the work to examine and promote the development of a fully accessible media player for all original content on our website. At this time, we do not provide any content from AMI-tv, for example, over the web due to the lack of an industry-certified, fully accessible media player. However, we have now begun the work to achieve that. All these points were highlighted in the Toronto session: View the slides.

Known as a camp, bar camp, unconference, or simply an informal gathering, we invite you to participate in one of these events held annually. Alternatively, if you feel that a grassroots community may exist where you are located, and then consider starting one of these events yourself. For further information, visit Toronto Accessibility and Inclusive Design on Meetup.


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