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Robert Pearson

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Accessible Media Inc. at ICT Week Jamaica: Event Review

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Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) had the opportunity to participate in ICT Week Jamaica (December 2-6, 2013) on behalf of G3ict. Here's Robert Pearson's review of the event.

Axel Leblois (sitting on dias, left) was a keynote speaker at ICT Week Jamaica

Image: G3ict President Axel Leblois sitting on the dias (left) was a keynote speaker at ICT Week Jamaica

During Persons with Disabilities Week (December 3), I had the opportunity to participate in ICT Week in Jamaica (December 2-6) on behalf of G3ict. Speaking on the topic of accessible television and broadcasting, it was clear in the conversations that followed that concerns related to the provision of accessible media are the same across the world.

Our panel spoke on the topic of relay services, telephony, television, and the web, and the means of accessing all of them in our respective countries. Drawing upon our regional experiences at AMI and the supportive regulatory environment in which we operate, it was my focus to outline the advancements that we have made in many areas related to description and accessible media. These advances have now placed us in a position to give back to others, through insights that we have gained.

I was not aware that Jamaica was the first country in the world to sign and ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities! There is no doubt that the credit, in large part, goes to Senator Floyd Morris, our virtual host for the day, who also happens to be blind. It quickly became apparent that accessibility in many forms is a focus for the people of this nation as well as others throughout the Caribbean region.

With that in mind, in a similar fashion as to how we have begun to work with organizations and regulatory bodies in other regions, I returned from the event with a sense that AMI is well positioned to give back from the experiences that we have gained. But what is the best medium to do so? In our case, we have taken the first step with the publication of the G3ict White Paper, “Making Television Accessible to Everyone, the Canadian Experience.” From regulatory framework to description best practices, there is much that can be done to serve the needs of audiences.

Perhaps this is a product or natural result of entering into a Golden Age of accessibility. Those enjoying abundant prosperity and stability are in a position to give to others. No matter where you go, the goal will always be the same: Persons with Disabilities seek equality and rights and wish to have their voice heard while living on par with users of all abilities. The ability to do that through telephony, the web, voice relay, and accessible television should never waiver from that overall goal.


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