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Robert Pearson

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Accessible Media Inc Presents at the 2014 M-Enabling Summit Conference this June

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Robert Pearson reviews the 2014 M-Enabling Summit Conference and Showcase in Washington DC, where he was a panelist and a presenter on accessible mobile applications for persons with disabilities. 
Robert Pearson speaking at the Plenary Session Talk Show of the 2014 M-Enabling Summit
Image: Robert Pearson speaking at the Plenary Session Talk Show of the 2014 M-Enabling Summit
The 2014 M-Enabling Summit took place in Washington, D.C. on June 9-10. Hosted by G3ict - the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs and E.J. Krause and Associates, in partnership with the FCC, the event continues to attract an increasing number of representatives every year from government, technology, non-profit, DPOs, media, education, and community members from jurisdictions around the world. It has become a yearly focal point for those with a mandate to provide mobile accessibility to seniors and persons with disabilities. Not only that, the conference has begun to focus on a wider mandate of accessibility, as showcased by the 2014 FCC Chairman's Award for Advancements in Accessibility (AAA) that were presented at this year's Summit.

At the event, I had the opportunity to speak on two topics, Social Media and Web Search accessibility at the plenary session, as well as Rich Media accessibility, both of which have become a focus for Accessible Media Inc. (AMI). While we practice rich media accessibility techniques in our day-to-day business though the provision of our fully described television station, we have begun to conduct research into how our specific audience, those who are blind or partially sighted, are utilizing social media to meet their needs. The results of the research have been insightful and we will continue to work with our 900 member research panel on additional studies focused in this area. If you would be interested in obtaining a copy of the AMI slides from either panel session, please send us an email at

The world is mobile and on the move. Persons with all abilities want and deserve to have the same experience, regardless of the context and the device that they choose to utilize. The M-Enabling Summit is focusing on that by setting the roadmap for the achievement of accessibility within the mobile space. Everyone wants their phone calls, emails, social updates, files and more available at their fingertips, wherever they go. By gathering at events that work to address this need, it becomes possible to find solutions for issues that may arise and to coordinate with others focused on a similar mandate to ensure universal accessibility for everyone.

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