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Wayfindr Standard Issued to Address Exponentially Growing Indoor Audio Navigation Market

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Last week, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has announced that it approved the Wayfindr Open Standard as a global standard. The new standard, called Recommendation ITU-T F.921, is recognized by the 193 ITU Member States and available for use by all seeking expert guidance on how to build and develop accessible interoperable communications infrastructure.

This is a most promising development which is likely to help accelerate the universal adoption of indoor audio navigation as a mainstream feature of built environments and public transportation infrastructures. 

Wayfindr is the first Open Standard for indoor audio navigation in the world. ITU’s Recommendation ITU-T F.921 reflects best practices in the design of interoperable, inclusive audio navigation systems for persons with vision impairment or living with other forms of disabilities, which ultimately, can also benefit anyone among the public seeking help for orientation or information on their immediate environment.

The international indoor navigation market is set to grow exponentially in the next few years, to the benefit of millions of people.  By using ITU-T F.921 from inception of their indoor navigation design and implementation, organizations will be able to deliver an experience to all their customers aligned with best practices and expected modes of user guidance. The adoption of indoor audio navigation will be of particular help to 285 million vision impaired people, whose lives is dramatically improved when able to navigate independently through indoor environments.

Wayfindr is seeking  to work with advocacy organizations, architects, urbanists, IT developers and administrations to explore ways to implement the Open Standard within built environments, transportation or applications. If you are interested in working with Wayfindr, please contact  The Wayfindr Standard will be presented at the M-Enabling Summit, June 12-13-14 in Washington, D.C.

The Recommendation will be soon available for download here at: