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ITU and the Internet Governance Forum 2007
By Cynthia Waddell  ICT Accessibility & Government Services Blog

Cynthia Waddell reports on the United Nations Internet Governance Forum held in Rio de Janeiro. More

Welcome to the Mass Marketing & Communications Blog!
By Preety Kumar  Mass Marketing & Communications Blog

Pretty Kumar discusses her experience with making the General Electric Web site accessible, illustrating how accessibility is not costly - but rather - profitable when approached the right way.  More

Welcome to the Harmonization & Standardization Blog!
By Hajime Yamada  Harmonization & Standardization Blog

Hajime Yamada's introduction to his paper on third party certification versus self-declaration. More

G3ict and DPI To Launch the Digital Accessibility and Inclusion Index for Persons with Disabilities

Weekly Roundup of Headlines
» Real-Time Text Aims to Improve Internet Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
» User-Centered Policy Evaluations of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act: Evaluating E-Government Web Sites for Accessibility for Persons With Disabilities
» Nigeria - NCC Consults Operators on Services for Physically Challenged Persons
» UK - House of Lords Discusses Convention
» UN Convention Campaign Coalition
» South Africa - Government Makes Strides in Accommodating Disabled
» Beijing Unveils Communication Service for Disabled
» Australia Ratifies, Latvia Signs, Disability Rights Treaty
» ISO/IEC Standard: Guidelines for Making IT Office Equipment Friendlier for the Elderly and Disabled
» China - Those Who Can't See Can Surf
» Canada - More Jobs for Disabled: StatsCan
» UNA-USA Backs Nomination of Top Human Rights Official