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Empowering a Global Workforce of People with Disabilities
A Virtual Work Solution with No Employment Barriers! Telework makes good business sense!  More

Does Much of ICT Accessibility Revolve around Language?
By Daniel Aghion

The second anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations of the Convention is a remarkable milestone in that so much has already been accomplished by individual countries in signing and more importantly ratifying the Convention setting the stage for even increased momentum in the year to come. More

Weekly Roundup of Headlines
» IBM Voted India's Employer of the Year
» Scientists Try to Let the Blind `See' Fish
» Sun Microsystems Leads International Consortium and Wins Grant for Research and Development Project on Technology Accessibility
» Number of Americans with a Disability Reaches 54.4 Million
» G3ict Chair, Ambassador Gallegos, Receives Excellency Award from National Spinal Cord Injury Association (in Spanish)
» Accessibility Interoperability Alliance Welcomes 26 New Members