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99 Tips for the Use of Mobile Phones for Students with Disabilities

The 99 tools from the magical pocket of Aki-chan: this research project provides tips on how mobile phones can offer strategies to engage students in learning in ways that best suit their needs.

“The 99 tools from the magical pocket of Aki-chan”: reading, writing, keeping and making notes, understanding time, planning activities, listening, calculating and using a dictionary, surfing the web, calling and messaging friends can all be undertaken on a mobile phone using tools from the ‘magical pocket".

The Magical Pocket of Aki-chan Project has been co-researched by the Research Centre of Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo and SoftBank Mobile Corp. The project name represents the mobile phone as a ‘magical pocket’ filled with tools ‒ each time you go into the pocket you can pull out a strategy that may help support the learning and participation in the classroom, of a student with disabilities. The aim of the project is to conduct research as well as raise awareness of the use of the mobile phone to support the independence of these students in their daily lives.