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UNESCO Broadcast Commission: Education, Technology and Broadband - Advancing the Education for All Agenda

The ability of broadband to improve and enhance education, as well as students’ experience of education, is undisputed. A good and well-rounded education is the basis on which future livelihoods and families are founded, and education opens up minds, as well as job prospects. A report by the Broadband Commission Working Group on Education, published January 2013

The report begins with a brief overview of the rationale for expanding and improving the use of ICTs in education. It stresses that participation in the global economy is increasingly dependent on the 21st-century skill of navigating the digital world. However, traditional school curricula tend to prioritize the accumulation of knowledge above its application, and many systems fail to adequately train students in how to become responsible digital citizens, or prepare them to sustain their employability throughout their lives in a knowledge economy.

The report includes six recommendations for policy makers:
1. Increase access to ICTs and broadband
2. Incorporate ICTs into job training and continuing education
3. Teach ICT skills and digital literacy to all educators and learners
4. Promote mobile learning and open educational resources
5. Support the development of content adapted to local contexts and languages
6. Work to bridge the digital divide