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David Fazio

Founder and President of Helix Opportunity

David Fazio is the Founder and President of Helix Opportunity, a business development and business-related disability services firm that facilitates inclusion through harmony at work. Visit the website:

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15 May 2014

Mobile apps that aid children with disabilities to communicate better are also game changers for users of all abilities, writes G3ict blogger David Fazio, who will be presenting at the M-Enabling Summit this June. Touch Chat is a mobile application filled with pictures that correspond with actions,... Read More

13 January 2014

Microsoft has reinvented home theater using the principle of “harmony at work” by including audiences of all abilities in every aspect of entertainment with their XBox One console, writes David Fazio. Users with limited mobility in their hands or limbs can play video games in much of the same way ... Read More

05 August 2013

San Francisco's public spaces are set to transform into hotspots of connectivity with Google’s generous endowment to bring WiFi to the parks and plazas of Fog City. As many as 31 city parks in San Francisco are set to transform into hotspots of connectivity with tech giant Google’s $600,000 grant t... Read More

15 July 2013

GPS app builder Meridian can be a lifeline for users who are blind or cognitively impaired, helping users find their way to the mall, restaurant or back home. I am a creature of habit. New and unknown environments have the tendency to make me a little nervous. I am much better with it than I used to... Read More

20 June 2013

Panasonic's new range of Talking TVs promises accessible entertainment for persons who are blind and visually impaired. But how profitable or innovative is a product that targets only a single user base? David Fazio makes a case for inclusive design. Panasonic has engineered accessible television se... Read More

30 May 2013

David Fazio writes about the Smart Technology-enabled new Levi's Stadium, home to the American football team San Fracisco 49ers, and the accessible options that fans with disabilities can look forward to from the comfort of their seats. Sporting events can be difficult to follow. Rules of the game, ... Read More