G3ict: The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs
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15th World Wireless Congress | San Francisco, USA | September 18-19, 2014 - View Event Details!  

e-Accessibility Policy Toolkit

Learn more about ICT accessibility policy and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at:

Expert Blogs

Debra Ruh on
Employability & Technology

Lucy Greco on
Accessibility in Education

Robert Pearson on
Accessibility in Media

M-Enabling Summit 2015

M-Enabling Summit logoJune 1-2, 2015 Promoting mobile accessible and assistive apps for an untapped market of more than 1 billion users worldwide. Visit: www.m-enabling.com.

G3ict Publications

G3ict White Paper
Click image to view the reportDeveloping e-Accessibility as a Professional Skill  GO  
GoDigital Accessibility Calendar 2014-2015

M-Enabling ProceedingsM-Enabling Summit 2014 Proceedings View 2014 video proceedings and presentations  GO  
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Country Profile Turkey
Flag of Turkey
View Turkey's National Disability
Action Plan  GO
GoICT Accessibility Company Profiles

CanonCanon logo
Check out the ICT Accessibility Profile of Canon  GO