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Mia Ahlgren

Policy Officer, Swedish Disability Federation

Mia Ahlgren is the human rights and disability policy officer at the Swedish Disability Rights Federation, representing the main national umbrella for organisations of persons with disabilities. She has been an active in the network for ICT and emerging technologies of the European Disability Forum since 2003. She is also a member of the Swedish Standards Consumers and Workers Council that promotes and fund NGO participation in standardisation. Mia has been an expert in standardisation activities such as the ITU Focus Group on Media Accessibility, ISO20400 Sustainable Procurement, European mandates 376 e-Accessibility and 473 Design for all as well as the new ISO Strategic Advisory Group on Accessibility. She has experience form many initiatives on accessibility and Universal Design, including methods to improve active involvement of persons with disabilities in design of ICT, media and in public policy. Mia Ahlgren has an academic background in Journalism, political science, Universal Design, ICT and learning at different universities in Sweden.

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02 March 2021

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