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Country Dashboard

Welcome to the Country Profiles Database. Here you will find 121 individual country report cards for States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities tracking their progress in implementing digital accessibility. Each country report includes key country facts, rankings and details of the country DARE Index scores (Digital Accessibility Rights Evaluation Index), as well as country information and resources on digital accessibility.

The number of countries surveyed by region is as follows: Africa (33 countries), Central Asia (7 countries), East Asia and Pacific (19 countries), Europe (18 countries), Latin American and Caribbean (23 countries), Middle East and North Africa (11 countries), Northern America (2 countries) and South Asia (8 countries).

What's New?

As of July 2019, data is in progress for the following seven countries: Belize, Chile, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Costa Rica, Guinea, Mauritania, and Viet Nam.

For Azerbaijan, Chad and Tajikistan data has been received and will be included during the next cycle of updates in November 2019. Suggestions for data updates have been also received from Sweden and Brazil.