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Daily Headlines

Syracuse University to Create Disability Inclusion Office

September 15, 2020

Syracuse University will create an Office of Disability Access and Inclusion after a year-long audit of its disability resources and services. Read More

Source: Daily Orange

University Launches Cultivating Research and Equity in Sign-related Technology

September 09, 2020

​The Cultivating Research and Equity in Sign-related Technology, funded by the National Science Foundation, will focus on the inclusion of Deaf researchers in the development of tech in the field.​​​ Read More

Source: Inside Higher Ed

Samsung TVs Receive UK’s RNIB's Accreditation for Meeting Accessibility Criteria

August 26, 2020

Samsung has announced that its 2020 TVs have received the Tried and Tested rating from UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind for meeting the accessibility criteria for persons with visual impairment. Read More

Source: Sam Mobile

Microsoft Adds a New Transcribe Feature to Word Powered by Microsoft AI

August 25, 2020

Microsoft 365 has added an audio transcription feature known as Transcribe, into the online version of Word to provide an easy way to automatically transcribe audio. Read More

Source: The Verge

Malawi: COVID-19 Booklets in Braille to Disseminate Information

August 20, 2020

To enable access to information on COVID-19 for persons with visual impairment, the United Nations Development Program has provided informational material in Braille to the government of Malawi. Read More

Source: Mana Online

Amazon Launches Text Banner for Fire TV to Enhance Readability of Onscreen Text

August 19, 2020

Amazon has launched a new assistive technology feature to make onscreen text easier to read for persons with visual impairment. Read More

Source: AT Today

Intel and Accenture Support Neuromorphic Research Project in Israel

August 19, 2020

Intel and Accenture have announced support for an IResearch Community project led by the Neuro-Biomorphic Engineering Lab at the Open University of Israel to develop a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm. Read More

Source: Inside HPC

BigCommerce Enhances Platform Accessibility with New Partnership

August 19, 2020

To enhance digital accessibility in ecommerce, BigCommerce has leveraged eSSENTIAL Accessibility’s solution to create and deliver engaging digital experiences. Read More

Source: Enterprise Times

New Report Explores Access to Age-assistive Technology

August 14, 2020

The new report by HelpAge explores the intersection between age, gender, disability and the use of assistive technology (AT) by older persons, in emergency response and disaster risk reduction.​​​ Read More

Source: Relief Web

Start-up Receives UNICEF’s Innovation Fund for Innovation in Gaming

August 12, 2020

​ Pakistani Tech startup WonderTree has been selected for the United Nations Children's Fund Innovative Fund 2020 as it uses emerging tech to make interactive games for children with disabilities. Read More

Source: B Recorder

Design Agency Aims to Improve Health App Accessibility

August 12, 2020

UK-based user experience design agency, Sigma, has been selected by the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Applications (ORCHA) to improve usability and accessibility of their health apps. Read More

Source: Mobi Health News

India: New White Paper on ICT Accessibility for COVID-19

August 11, 2020

Broadband India Forum has released a White Paper on ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in India, that outlines a prioritized plan towards digital inclusion.​​​​​ Read More

Source: Voice & Data