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Our Team


Axel Leblois

President and Executive Director

Francesca Cesa Bianchi

VP, Institutional Relations

James Thurston

VP, Global Strategy and Development

Christine Forget

CFO / Director Publishing Services

Martin Gould

Director of Research

Christopher Lee

Chief Learning Officer, G3ict and Managing Director, IAAP

International Representatives

Andrea Saks

G3ict Head of Delegation to the ITU

Susanna Laurin

G3ict and IAAP Representative to the EU

Nirmita Narasimhan

Senior Fellow / Program Director Asia-Pacific

Lourdes Arreola Prado

G3ict Representative in Mexico

Program Management and Research

Gita Esmieu

Director, Financial Services Accessibility

Viviana Montenegro

Program Officer / Research Analyst

Yulia Sarviro

Senior Project Manager, Smart Cities for All Initiative, G3ict

Training and Certification

Sam Evans

IAAP Certification Manager

Kevin Hower

IAAP Membership Coordinator

Rachel Paul

IAAP Marketing Coordinator

Digital Media Contents

Udita Singh

Communications Manager

Mahtab Irani

Digital Editor