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South Sudan

DARE Index

Digital Accessibility Rights Evaluation Index

DARE Index Score: 15/100

Global Ranking: 97

Regional Ranking: 23

Peer Economic Development Group Ranking: 17

Implementation Ranking: 85

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  • Population:

    12.3 million (2015)


    0.4 million aged 65 and older

    Life expectancy:

    56.1 years (2015)

    Population of Persons with Disabilities identified by Country Census:


    GDP per capita including (4) peer group classification:

    1,741 USD per capita



    HDI-Human Development Index Ranking (UNDP):

    181 (2015)

    Literacy rate:


    ICT Development Index Ranking (ITU):


  • CRPD signing (UN Treaty):


    CRPD ratification (UN Treaty): N/A0/5

    General Law protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Yes5/5

    Definition of ICT accessibility: No0/5

    Definition of Reasonable Accommodation: No0/5

    Universal Service Obligation includes Persons with Disabilities: No0/5

    Total Points:5/25

  • Government agency for Persons with Disabilities: Yes5/5

    Government agency for ICTs: Yes5/5

    Process to involve DPOs in ICT accessibility policy making: No0/5

    Country refers to international ICT accessibility standards: No0/5

    ICT accessibility courses available at universities: No0/5

    Total Points:10/25

  • Web: No policy0/5

    TV and multimedia: No policy0/5

    Mobile telephony: No policy0/5

    E-books and digital contents: No policy0/5

    Promoting the Internet among Persons with Disabilities: No policy0/5

    Inclusive ICTs for all in education: No policy0/5

    Enabling ICTs for all in employment: No policy0/5

    E-government and Smart Cities for all: No policy0/5

    Enabling Assistive Technologies and ICTs for independent living: No policy0/5

    Procurement of accessible public goods and services for all citizens: No policy0/5

    Total Points:0/50

  • Country Laws and Regulations: 5/25

    Country Capacity to Implement: 10/25

    Country Policies and Programs Outcomes by Areas of ICT Accessibility and Level of Implementation: 0/50

    Total Score: 15/100

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  • User Guide

    The Digital Accessibility Rights Evaluation Index is designed to assist in-country advocates, governments and other stakeholders assess the progress of their countries in comparison to international benchmarks.

    • DARE Index Score represents the total points measuring the progress of the country in commitments, capacity to implement and actual outcomes for persons with disabilities.
    • Global Ranking is the ranking of the country out of 121 countries surveyed based on their DARE Index Score.

    To facilitate benchmarking with relevant comparable countries, two peer group rankings are posted:

    • Regional Ranking is the ranking of the country among surveyed countries of the same region, based on their DARE Index Score.
    • Peer Economic Development Group Ranking is the ranking of the country among peer countries by income per capita, based on their DARE Index Score.

    To facilitate benchmarking for outcomes, one ranking is offered:

    • Implementation Ranking is the global ranking of the country based on outcomes only (third leg of the Index measuring progress in ten essential areas of ICT accessibility and assistive technologies).

    By comparing a country performance with benchmarks, and analyzing gaps in scores, advocates, governments and other stakeholders may be in a better position to identify areas of opportunities and priorities to adjust their legislative, regulatory and policy framework; enhance their capacity to implement or focus on improving specific areas of outcomes. Feedback and suggestions to contribute additional information about country developments, data adjustments or country references of interest are welcome and will be incorporated in G3ict’s work for future updates of the DARE Index and can be sent via email at: