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About the DARE Academy

Logo of G3ict and the DARE Academy

Digital Accessibility Rights Education Academy

Advancing Digital Accessibility Know-How with Advocates for Advocates

DARE Academy Rationale: “Leaving No One Behind” in the Digital Age

To ensure that the principle of “leaving no one behind” is fully applied in the process of sustainable development from a technology and digital perspective by fostering capacity building and knowledge sharing activities for advocates by advocates in those areas.


The overall goals and objectives of the DARE Academy is to:

  • Ensure the authentic representation of voices of Persons with Disabilities in its global and multilateral efforts for promoting the disposition of the CRPD on inclusive ICTs,
  • Address critical digital accessibility implementation gaps identified and measured by the DARE Index in collaboration with advocates in 137 countries,
  • Create channels of mutual collaboration with potential partners for ensuring effective advocacy around inclusive ICTs related laws and policies on the national, regional, and global levels, and
  • Promote equal opportunities of knowledge sharing and capacity building around issues of digital accessibility rights, particularly for Persons with Disabilities at the grassroots levels.

DARE Academy Program Initiatives

The DARE Academy is in-charge of coordinating and operating G3ict’s following initiatives:

Scholarship Fund

The DARE Academy Scholarship Fund is G3ict's program dedicated to opening new potentials for persons with disabilities, particularly leaders of organizations of persons with disabilities, who are interested in and passionate about advocating for digital accessibility and to get certified as professionals in the field.

Webinar Series

The DARE Academy Webinar Series is G3ict's initiative dedicated to contributing to the documentation process of countries' policies and best practices for ensuring the availability of a reliable and comprehensive source of educational references and awareness raising tools in the arena of digital accessibility and inclusive ICTs.

Global Fellowship Program

The Global Fellowship Program brings together Persons with Disabilities pioneering and/or interested in the area of promoting disability rights to inclusive ICTs.

The DARE Academy is coordinated by G3ict and is led by an Advisory Council that consists of regional and international Organizations of Persons with Disabilities or working in disability and development.

Advisory Council

The DARE Academy Advisory Council consists of regional and international Organizations of Persons with Disabilities or working in disability and development. Its role is to offer advisory support to G3ict DARE Academy’s initiatives. In addition, members of the advisory council are anticipated to:

  • Help promote and recruit potential candidates for the DARE Academy Scholarship through the nomination of Persons with Disabilities from among their constituencies,
  • Sponsor sessions of the DARE Academy Webinar Series and nominate panelists to present on designated inclusive ICT best practices,
  • Contribute to the review of ICT-related policies, laws, and programs and comment on their compliance with the CRPD principles of inclusion, equality, and accessibility,
  • Take part in identifying potential funding resources and the planning of the DARE Academy’s regional and global campaigns for promoting inclusive ICT policies.

The Advisory Council includes:

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