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Graduate Testimonials

Photo of Nibin Mathew

Being an accessibility professional with visual impairment, I can say that the learning that came out of the CPACC gave me a better understanding of my surroundings and has been helping me make better decisions at the workplace. I had been working as an accessibility specialist at Vision Empower, a non-profit organization working for making STEM education accessible in India. While working, this knowledge - the understanding of various disabilities, technologies, design principles, and international standards has shaped my work to a wider scope and prepared me to be a more mature accessibility professional in the global space.

Nibin Mathew, Dare Academy Graduate

Headshot of Eric Ngondi

The scholarship has been transformational for me. One of the first things I noticed after completing the course was how elevated my language has become and the way I speak about accessibility now. Importantly, the process has improved my outlook on how I discuss issues of disability. Being a part of the DARE academy has been a huge eye-opener that has equipped me with versatile information.

Eric Ngondi, DARE Academy Graduate

Headshot of Thu Huong Dao

I am glad to have taken part and passed an internationally recognized certification as the CPACC. The course design and interface, followed up with the exam process was one of the most accessible courses that I have participated in. I enjoyed the diverse training methods and can only recommend others also take the CPACC exam if they want to begin being a specialist in digital accessibility.

Thu Huong Dao, DARE Academy Graduate

Headshot of Sanjog Kumawat

The scholarship process right till the end for me, a person with visual impairment, was completely accessible. Despite working in the field of accessibility, there were several domains within the body of knowledge that have now changed my perspective and understanding of digital accessibility. I know that having received the CPACC certification will only be the start of newer opportunities for me.

Sanjog Kumawat, DARE Academy Graduate

Headshot of Divinegift David Usman

I had a very good scholarship experience with the DARE Academy. Right from the way the course was arranged, the order and structure of topics taught and the spontaneity of teaching methods, interspersing text with video really interested me. I am glad to have taken part in this well-respected course, and I can say that with this new knowledge, I have also received newer confidence.

Divinegift David Usman, DARE Academy Graduate