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Country Classification

The following table shows the classification used for each country surveyed for the DARE Index to provide context to the ranking and information displayed under each country profile. Countries have been organized by region, income level, and Human Development Index ranking.

  • Regions: Geographic classification includes eight main regions: Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Northern America and South Asia.
  • Income per capita: Countries have been categorized into four income level groups (low, lower-middle, upper-middle, and high) consistent with the World Bank classification of economies and its Atlas gross national income per capita estimates.
  • Human Development Index (HDI): Ranking for each country is derived from the latest UNDP statistics. HDI country scores are based on a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income per capita indicators used to rank countries into four tiers of human development - low, medium, high and very high.
Countries Income Level Economies Human Development Ranking
Angola Lower middle income Low
Benin Low income Low
Burkina Faso Low income Low
Burundi Low income Low
Cameroon Lower middle income Low
Chad Low income Low
Congo, Democratic Republic of Low income Low
Cote D'Ivoire Lower middle income Low
Ethiopia Low income Low
Gambia, The Low income Low
Ghana Lower middle income Medium
Guinea Low income Low
Guinea-Bissau Low income Low
Kenya Lower middle income Low
Lesotho Lower middle income Low
Liberia Low income Low
Madagascar Low income Low
Malawi Low income Low
Mali Low income Low
Mauritania Lower middle income Low
Mauritius Upper middle income High
Namibia Upper middle income Medium
Niger Low income Low
Nigeria Lower middle income Low
Sao Tome and Principe Lower middle income Medium
Senegal Low income Low
Sierra Leone Low income Low
South Africa Upper middle income Medium
South Sudan Low income Low
Sudan Lower middle income Low
Tanzania, United Republic of Low income Low
Togo Low income Low
Zambia Lower middle income Low
Central Asia
Armenia Upper middle income High
Azerbaijan Upper middle income High
Kyrgyz Republic Lower middle income Medium
Russian Federation Upper middle income Very high
Tajikistan Lower middle income Medium
Turkmenistan Upper middle income Medium
Uzbekistan Lower middle income Medium
East Asia & Pacific
Australia High income Very high
Cambodia Lower middle income Medium
China Upper middle income High
Cook Islands N/A N/A
Fiji Upper middle income High
Indonesia Lower middle income Medium
Japan High income Very high
Lao, People's Democratic Republic Lower middle income Medium
Malaysia Upper middle income High
Micronesia, Federated States of Lower middle income Medium
Mongolia Lower middle income High
Myanmar Lower middle income Low
Palau High income High
Philippines Lower middle income Medium
Samoa Upper middle income High
Singapore High income Very high
Thailand Upper middle income High
Tuvalu Upper middle income N/A
Viet Nam Lower middle income Medium
Austria High income Very high
Denmark High income Very high
France High income Very high
Germany High income Very high
Greece High income Very high
Hungary High income Very high
Ireland High income Very high
Italy High income Very high
Malta High income Very high
Norway High income Very high
Poland High income Very high
Portugal High income Very high
Serbia Upper middle income High
Slovenia High income Very high
Spain High income Very high
Sweden High income Very high
United Kingdom High income Very high
Ukraine Lower middle income High
Latin American & Caribbean
Argentina High income Very high
Barbados High income Very high
Belize Upper middle income High
Brazil Upper middle income High
Chile High income Very high
Colombia Upper middle income High
Costa Rica Upper middle income High
Dominican Republic Upper middle income Medium
Ecuador Upper middle income High
El Salvador Lower middle income Medium
Guatemala Upper middle income Medium
Guyana Upper middle income Medium
Haiti Low income Low
Honduras Lower middle income Medium
Jamaica Upper middle income High
Mexico Upper middle income High
Montserrat N/A N/A
Nicaragua Lower middle income Medium
Panama High income High
Peru Upper middle income High
Saint Lucia Upper middle income High
Suriname Upper middle income High
Trinidad and Tobago High income High
Middle East & North Africa
Algeria Upper middle income High
Egypt, Arab Republic of Lower middle income Medium
Iraq Upper middle income Medium
Israel High income Very high
Lebanon Upper middle income High
Morocco Lower middle income Medium
Oman High income High
Palestine, State of N/A Medium
Qatar High income Very high
Tunisia Lower middle income High
Yemen, Republic of Low income Low
Northern America
Canada High income Very high
United States High income Very high
South Asia
Afghanistan Low income Low
Bangladesh Lower middle income Low
Bhutan Lower middle income Medium
India Lower middle income Medium
Maldives Upper middle income Medium
Nepal Low income Low
Pakistan Lower middle income Low
Sri Lanka Lower middle income High


The World Bank Country Classification

UNDESA/Development Policy and Analysis Division (DPAD) Country Classification