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Research Team

The DARE Index is an independent research program of the G3ict's Institutional Advocacy Division.

Our Research Team includes:

  • Martin Gould, Ed.D., Director of Research, G3ict
  • Axel Leblois, President, G3ict
  • Francesca Cesa Bianchi, Vice President, Institutional Relations and Advocacy, G3ict
  • Mohammed Ali Loutfy, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, G3ict; and Interim Executive Director and Representative at the United Nations, Disabled People's International (DPI)
  • Viviana Montenegro, Research Analyst - DARE Index 2018-2020, G3ict
  • Aarti Thakur, Programme Manager, Disabled People's International (DPI)
  • Udita Singh, Communications Manager, G3ict
  • Mahtab Irani, Digital Editor, G3ict

Our sincere appreciation goes to the more than 160 volunteer local advocates participating in the DARE Index International Research Panel for their detailed sharing of information.