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AudioConexus Launches Accessible Multilingual Commentary System for Sightseeing Companies

January 12, 2018

Sightseers fluent in more than 99 languages will experience guided tours in an innovative new way with the release of a new GPS multilingual commentary solution from AudioConexus Inc.

Navilution Evo is the world's most advanced package in GPS-triggered tour equipment. The product allows tour operators to create automated guided tours in multiple languages, with sounds, voice-overs, and videos played based on a series of GPS locations.

Every passenger should enjoy tourism equally, regardless of abilities, which is why the industry-first Navilution line is designed for passenger accessibility.Every passenger should enjoy tourism equally, regardless of abilities, which is why the industry-first Navilution line is designed for passenger accessibility.

Navilution Evo is the first completely automated commentary solution, eliminating the delivery of poor, boring narration and inconsistent sightseeing tours. With international tour wholesalers and travelers alike looking for exceptional tourism experiences, it's more important than ever to meet the needs and interests of foreign visitors and people with disabilities. Despite this, language and accessibility barriers continue to be a significant hurdle for tour operators.

"At AudioConexus, we believe in breaking down language, cultural and accessibility barriers so that people traveling around the world can connect to the amazing stories every destination has to offer," said Jonathan Stanley, President & CEO of AudioConexus Inc. "Navilution Evo delivers on those beliefs. We want to open up the world of sightseeing to everyone, and Navilution Evo puts us one step closer to making that a reality."

The Navilution product is utilized for sightseeing tours on buses, boats, trains, trolleys, trams and other vehicles – and it introduces several industry firsts. It incorporates powerful cloud computing (Navilution Cortex) for planning routes and collecting passenger analytics, including usage data based on time of day.

With simple one-touch responses for key features, Navilution Evo is designed to reduce tour drivers' distractions en route. Drivers can even run Navilution Evo from a smartphone or tablet – the first such program to have smartphone functionality.

The GPS multilingual commentary system, designed in collaboration with industry leaders in engineering, industrial design, and human experience design, enables sightseeing companies to deeply connect with people by providing more captivating and vibrant sightseeing experiences. Furthermore, the Navilution platform delivers enhanced tours in over 90 multiple languages and tour topics on a single route for audiences that are evolving and changing.

Partnering with the Canadian Institute for the Blind and the Canadian Hearing Society, AudioConexus is the first company to introduce accessible design for social inclusion. Location-specific audio and visual announcements improve access to key orientation information for all passengers with products supporting braille and video for Sign Language tours for deaf visitors.

"AudioConexus consulted with CNIB regarding accessible design features for customers who are living with sight loss," says Shane Laurintus, Program Lead, Accessible Technology, CNIB Ontario-GTA. "We recommended braille components and audio descriptions to ensure travelers who are blind or partially sighted have equitable access to information. This design is an important step towards changing what it is to be blind today and creating an inclusive society."

Michael Dawthorne, Manager, Translation, and Deafblind Intervention Services, Canadian Hearing Society, said, "Our partnership with AudioConexus makes audio-based bus tours more accessible and inclusive for Deaf and hard of hearing travelers through the use of sign language and captioned versions. These types of innovative solutions help remove barriers faced by Deaf and hard of hearing people and allow them to participate in all areas of life actively."

AudioConexus's Navilution Evo product empowers sightseeing operators to provide better tours and improved access to tour content for social inclusion.

AudioConexus inspires the world of travelers, shaping the future of guided tours with transformational technologies and exceptional entertainment experiences. The company offers the only complete multilingual, multi-topical hardware, software and creative solution that offers adaptable, unique, five-star user experiences for ambitious, growth-oriented tour operators in local communities worldwide looking for a distinctive edge so that they can increase bookings year-round in an era of formulaic tourist experiences and short attention spans.

Source: PRS Newswire

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