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Australia: Employment Platform Created to Improve Access to Work Opportunities

March 22, 2022

Australian of the Year Dylan Alcott is teaming up with the federal government on a nationwide blitz to help more than 100,000 people with disabilities find work.

Alcott and Social Services Minister Anne Ruston on Monday launched The Field, an online platform designed to connect people with disabilities to potential employers and highlight their skills, experience and qualifications.

It will be backed by a massive ad campaign which is due to kick off later this year and hopes to attract 100,000 job seekers and 45,000 businesses.

And in a separate initiative also unveiled on Monday, big businesses including Coles, Bendigo Bank and Tennis Australia have signed up to the $2.4 million RecruitAble pilot program to improve their recruitment practices and hire more Australians with disabilities.

Alcott, the seven-time Australian Open champion, has made expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities one of his priorities as Australian of the Year.

“It’s time for employers to take the lead in creating inclusive workplaces and recruitment processes so people with disability have more choice and control over their careers,” he said.

The Field – backed by a $6 million government investment – will be delivered by Alcott’s organisation Get Skilled Access and designed by people with disabilities.

“The Field will provide jobseekers with disability an opportunity to showcase their strengths and abilities online to registered hiring managers across corporate, small and medium enterprises, and government sectors who are ready to tap into an under-utilised talent pool.”

Alcott said the RecruitAble pilot, run by Get Skilled Access and recruitment agency Randstad Australia, would tackle existing recruitment systems that were “not accessible or inclusive”.

“RecruitAble will offer all Australians an equal opportunity to go after the job of their choice, fulfil their potential and live the life they deserve,” he said.

Coles CEO Steven Cain said he wanted his management team to improve “disability hiring acumen across Coles Group more broadly and ultimately seek to increase the number of people with disability that we hire”.

Senator Ruston said the RecruitAble pilot would develop a best-practice approach for employing people with disabilities.


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