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Australian Digital Lender UBank Toolkit to Help iOS Developers Improve App Accessibility

February 24, 2020

The tool checks and displays warning for various accessibility issues, including adjusting text types, colour issues, minimum and maximum sizing, and showing touch points on screen,

This means that, for example, an app designer can immediately check if their creative graphics can be understood by people with low vision.

The tool was initially built as an internal testing tool for the bank's developers but is now available to use, download and amend for free via GitHub.

With one in five Australians experiencing some form of disability, including more than 350,000 people with low vision, UBank says it wants to improve digital inclusivity.

Glen Aiton, CEO, UBank, says: “The team saw the gap and spent time creating something we can now release as an Open Source tool, with the hope that it can benefit people around the globe as all iOS contributors can leverage it and have the chance to improve the accessibility of their applications.”

Source: Fin Extra