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Belgium: Analysis of Public Sector Websites Released

September 21, 2021

The federated entities have worked very hard to prepare an analysis of the public sector websites. A nice collaboration has been established, which together, with the same resources, can make progress in supporting public sites towards better accessibility.

After two years of partnership, the Belgian State will make a first assessment of its accessibility on September 23, the day of digital accessibility:

  • More than 600 websites have been audited in an automated manner and have received a report on their level of compliance, ranging from non-compliant to partially compliant. Some even fully meet the requirements after a thorough audit.
  • The sites were selected through a partnership with the Belgian Disability Forum to determine their priorities and then, according to the criteria of category (Government and Administration, Justice, Education, Essential Basic Services, Employment and Taxation, Environmental Protection, Housing and Public Facilities, Leisure and Culture, Health, Transportation, Public Order and Safety, Social Protection), power level, and frequency of use.
  • Of these 600 sites, only 27% had an accessibility statement. This is mandatory for all public sector websites and mobile applications and can be easily done using the fill assistant provided by us.
  • Mobile applications in the public sector have also been under scrutiny since this year. They receive an in-depth audit report that can lead to a level of non-compliance to full compliance.

Source: Accessibility Belgium